Laurens nominated for Soundtrack_Cologne 15 Talent Award


On August 2 the organisation of Soundtrack_Cologne has published that Laurens is one of the nominees for the WDR Filmscore Award. Before the filmmusic-event started, a European Talent Competition was launched in which Laurens participated. His soundtrack for a short film has given him a nomination! On the 25th of August there will be a public screening of all the work the nominees delivered. In the evening an award ceremony will be held.

Soundtrack album to TV-series “Flikken Rotterdam” released


The soundtrack to the popular Dutch TV-series Flikken Rotterdam has been released on album. The score, written by Fons Merkies en Laurens Goedhart, contains the frequently used music cues, including the music for the leader. The album can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and all major music platforms. Direct links to the album on the main music platforms can be found beneath.

Flikken Rotterdam (Soundtrack) op iTunes
Flikken Rotterdam (Soundtrack) op Spotify
Flikken Rotterdam (Soundtrack) op Google Play

Feature film “Fatal” released on iTunes and VOD services


Since the beginning of this month, feature film “Fatal”, for which Laurens and Fons composed music, is viewable on iTunes and other video-on-demand services. Also, the film can be bought on Blu-ray and DVD! The feature can be found here on iTunes. Besides the film, the soundtrack also got released on iTunes and Spotify. Click here for the Spotify release and click here for the iTunes release.

Film ‘Storm: Letters of fire’ premiered


Today, the feature film ‘Storm: Letters of fire’ premiered in Amsterdam. Together with composer André Dziezuk from Luxemburg, Fons has composed the score, while Laurens orchestrated the full score. For more information, please go to the project page of this film.