Fatal: the movie

Milan and Sophie are two young people at the beginning of their lives. They want to get married, have children and be happy. Milan is a dreamer and one of his dreams is about to become reality. He wants to start a dance-club; he found a financier and a beautiful location where all is about to happen. He even started rebuilding the place. After the club opens, one night, three men get removed from the club. They bothered both personnel and guests. They want to get their revenge and an unsuspected Milan becomes their victim of senseless violence.

Date of premiere: October 31st, 2016
Release in cinemas: November 3rd, 2016

Music composed by Laurens Goedhart and Fons Merkies
Keys/synths/arranging/production: Laurens Goedhart
Guitar: Leendert Haaksma
Strings ensemble: Dutch String Collective
Recording: Power Sound Studio, Studio Groenland
Mix: Hans Ravestein, Studio Groenland