The debut EP by Luuk Geers has been produced by Laurens. Luuk is an upcoming songwriter that wrote a selection of songs during the summer of 2019. Laurens took on the production job, helping with arrangements, recording, as well as playing keyboards on the record. Luuk himself says over his EP:

“During the summer of 2019 Luuk searched peace on a farm in the Dutch polder after a turbulent period in his live. Away from the chaos, back to the basics, to write about everything that occupied him. In this summer he found the songs and sound of his debut EP ‘Baggio’. Songs from the heart, honest and pure. Like stepping in a living room filled with musical friends. That’s the sound of ‘Baggio’. With influences from Jason Mraz, Milow and Mumford & Sons. ‘Baggio’ will be available on October 17th on all music streaming platforms.”